Bruce Springsteen has posted a travelogue of his motorcycle ride through Palm Beach County, stopping at many landmarks last weekend. The Palm Beach Post reports he's calling it "Flying solo to Lake Okeechobee on a sunny Saturday!" Must've been a nice ride around the Lake's dike with palm trees atop the grass. The Boss's only daughter, Jessica, competes in equestrian events and lives in Wellington. Apparently his trip took him west on Southern Boulevard to Pahokee, Lake Okeechobee, the Glades and then stopping at J&S Fish Camp in Okeechobee. The travelogue, according to the Post, shows him making friends with the bartender at J&S as well as a Vietnam vet named Bill. The locals must've been in awe because he took the time to meet them, had a few beers at the Gator Hole Tavern and then headed out. It's believed he was headed back to Wellington.