Live in Palm Beach County? Ever think your property taxes are high? Well it's not your imagination. There's a new study out and it says in Florida, St. Lucie County had the highest tax burden when the data is adjusted to include the cost of a single family home. St. Lucie County homeowners pay an average of $2,185, which is about 1.9 percent of the average cost per home. But for total highest average statewide, Palm Beach County wins.

Top 5 counties for highest average annual property taxes in Florida:
1. Palm Beach County, $4,949
2. Monroe County, $4,580
3. Collier County, $3,968
4. Martin County, $3,962
5. Miami-Dade County, $3,672

 New Yorkers pay the highest property taxes nationwide, while Palm Beach County ranks first in Florida, according to a new report from Zillow that analyzed 2012 property tax data. Nationally, homeowners paid an average of about $2,800 in property taxes.