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Topic:  Guns and mental health


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While listening to your program you did another report on guns.  As forensic trained psychiatrist I have a particular interest in this topic.  I also am a lifetime NRA member... Just because someone (one of my patients) owned a gun it does not make me nervous, nor does it cause me to "report" them.  There are some people (patients) that should not have a gun & I do what ever I can to get their guns out of their hands.  That being said I will frequently be forced to buy their guns from them (I currently have an arsenal of weapons & ammunition just incase there is a zombie attack).


I'm writing you to clarify that simply because a patient is receiving mental health services their guns are not confiscated.  Additionally just because they are dangerous doesn't mean we report them... Actually, I will frequently for & work with PBSO & on several occasions I have tried to "report a DANGEROUS patient" to no avail.  There is no agency to report this to & I have resorted to even calling the gun shops ... They still were able to purchase their guns.


Bottom Line:  Interesting information and perspective from a Doctor in the mental health field with regular, local, experience.  Most agree that mental health issues are closely linked with many of the domestic tragedies involving mass murder – regardless of the method used for murder.  How to deal with the situation is far more complicated. 


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Stunning new research on how much more we're paying for healthcare due to ACA - right down to PBC:


Bottom Line:  The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research has completed the most comprehensive study conducted to date on the impact of the ACA on the cost of individual health insurance plans.  They were able to study greater than 90% of the counties in the US (3137 including Palm BeachCounty) to identify the overall impact and specific local impact.  Get this…


  • The average cost increase for an individual insurance plan from 2013 to 2014 was 49%!

They created an online platform where you can enter your zip code and get the demographic specific information based on gender and age in your area.  Here is a direct link to that service:


So much for “Affordable” care huh… 


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If you've received any mortgage, MI related settlements keep your eye on the mailbox for round:


Bottom Line:  If you’ve received compensation over the past couple of years pertaining to the mortgage and mortgage insurance settlements with the Federal and state governments, be on the look out for another check potentially coming in the mail. 

If you were deemed to have been damaged due to improper practices related to your mortgage during the boom bust cycle in housing (millions were and many in SFL), you may have received a check or checks as compensation within the last two years.  You may recall that the letter attached to the checks mentioned that any unclaimed funds would be redistributed to those who did claim their funds.  That’s what’s taking place right now.  This week 2nd distribution checks have been going out to victims who claimed funds originally.  The checks will be much smaller than the original amount you received but its still money.  So if you see mail that may appear to be junk, you may want to open it to ensure that you’re not throwing away a 2nd check for the mortgage sins of the past. 


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Once & done...  The way we use apps on mobile devices is telling: 


Bottom Line:  In the earliest days of mobile devices we tended to be fairly experimental and forgiving of apps – especially free apps.  Times have changed and we have a high expectations for apps we download and little tolerance for the experience not living up to our expectations. 


  • 79% of the apps we download are only opened and used once
  • Only 16% of the apps we download are used more than twice!

So if we download an app it has to deliver immediately.  There is no room for a less than ideal experience.  This is important for companies that what to create apps.  They could actually be doing a disservice if they put money and effort into and app that isn’t a stellar experience.  A mobile ready website is certainly the better play for most.  The threshold for remaining on one’s device is so high that only the largest brands generally will benefit from creating and maintaining apps. 


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EBay made easy - for a price:


Bottom Line:  If you’d like to sell on EBay and don’t have the time or interest in doing it yourself…  You can now just leave it to EBay. 

EBay has a new service called “EBay Valet”.  The service makes it about as easy to sell something as it can be.  The new service is available for mobile devices and enables you to take a picture & identify the product.  That’s it.  From there EBay figures out what the ideal pricing should be based on sales data and then sells it for you.  They’ll even send you the box and labels to package and ship the items.  So what do you pay for the service?  30% of the sales price.  Upon the completion of the transaction EBay deposits 70% of the proceeds into your PayPal account automatically.  Easy enough right?  It’s a cool service though I do think it has the potential to devastate many of the small 3rd party EBay selling services.  Here is a direct link to the EBay Valet page:

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