We continue our focus on the importance of having your children read at a very young age.  Debbie Battles, who's in charge of the curriculum at all Palm Beach County elementary schools, tells us "School readiness is crucial and not necessarily that the children have to know how to read, but that they're ready for school."

Here's a tip to get your child into learning: "The parents really need to hype up the positives and talk about how exciting school is and then of course reading to their children everyday and getting them to begin reading the words that they know and just making reading part of their life."

One problem that is plaguing our local elementary schools?

"School attendance is huge and our district has really recognized that and has kicked off a campaign 'You Have to be Present to Win'. The statistics are staggering with the connection of school attendance and chronic absenteeism, connecting to school proficiency down the road."

Here is a stat that may surprise you: "26.4 percent of elementary students in our district missed ten or more days of school last year." That's considered chronic absenteeism.

Back to reading. 

There are Scholastic Book Fairs going on at schools throughout Palm Beach County during the month of October.

Scholastic now has an app to enhance your experience. The free app for the iPhone and Android phones provides you with additional book details such as author videos, award winners and podcasts. If you're not sure whether a book is age appropriate for your child, you can simply scan a book cover or barcode at the Book Fair to find out. The app will give you details on reading levels, age and grade, book summary and price.

Click Here to download the app and find the closest Scholastic Book Fair to you.

You can win a new Scholastic library for your child's class.  Click Here to find out more.