As Christmas approaches, the folks at the Palm Beach County Homeless Coalition tell us that they get contacted more and more from people who need their services during this time of year. 

The homeless problem is alive and well here, according to the Coalition's Executive Director Marilyn Munoz. 

In the past year, 3,190 individuals and 1,250 families showed up to receive services at the Lewis Center because they were homeless.

The Lewis Center is Palm Beach County's first resource center for the homeless.  Munoz says it's not a shelter, claiming those don't help homeless individuals on a long-term basis. 

At the Lewis Center, people get help in the form of finding a job and a place to live on a permanent basis. 

You can help out by volunteering at the Lewis Center in West Palm Beach, or by purchasing a brick, and naming it in someone's honor.  That brick will then be placed in the Serenity Garden at the Lewis Center.  The money donated for the brick goes towards the services provided at the center. 

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Photo: Getty Images