Hap Erstein with PalmBeachArtsPaper.com tells us about a new film from the man some of us still think of as "Richie Cunningham" or "Opie"...that's right, Ron Howard.  Other movies include one starring the woman married to the man with the "song of the summer" and a new one to take the kids to. 

Note: You'll find more reviews by clicking on the link in the title of the respective film.

"Rush" - Ron Howard directs this true story about two Formula One race car drivers in the 1970s, who form a friendship out of a rivalry after one of the men nearly loses his life on the track. 

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2" - The animated sequel to the first film.  The continuation of the story about an inventor whose creation turns water into food.  Lunchtime yet?

"Baggage Claim" - Robin Thicke is everywhere with his "Blurred Lines" song that caught fire over the summer.  Now, his wife, Paula Patton, stars in a comedy about a flight attendant who wants to find a man to settle down with.

"Don Jon" - A romantic film written, directed and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt.