If you're looking for a movie to take you Valentine to, there are a couple of new love stories out, one of which is a remake.  If you're not feeling romantic, the re-boot of "Robocop" may be just what the doctor ordered.  Hap Erstein with PalmBeachArtsPaper.com gives us his reviews.

"Robocop" - Remake of the 1980s film about a police officer nearly killed in the line of duty, used as a robot to fight crime. 

"Endless Love" - Remake of the Brooke Shields movie about young love.

"Winter's Tale" - Russell Crowe, Colin Farrel, William Hurt and Jennifer Connelly star in this different kind of love story. 

"About Last Night" - Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart continues his film career with a romantic comedy, co-starring Paula Patton and Reginal Hall (known for the "Scary Movie" franchise).

Art House Pick of the Week

'When Comedy Went to School" - The late Sid Caeser is one of many comedians featured in this film that takes you down memory lane.  Others include Jerry Lewis, Jackie Mason and Jerry Stiller.  It's playing in at least four Palm Beach County movie theaters beginning Valentine's Day weekend.