Calypsoul Sha

The Spiritual Center is the main hub of Calypsoul, an artist, medium and life coach. She specializes in Past Life Reading and Healing. Her goal is to help you overcome your personal fears, addictions, and any blockages you may feel are hindering your life. This is accomplished by journeying into your past and often past life to discover traumatic events you have lived through, in search of the root cause. Only by accepting your past and understanding its grasp on your present may you find peace and healing.Join Calypsoul Sha every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday morning at 10am on 1230, WBZT, and iHeartRadio.Calypsoul Sha Spiritual Center6885 SW 18th Street, Suites B2-B3Boca Raton, FL 33433