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When are you going to run for political office?

Bottom Line:  This a question that has come up at some point in nearly every election cycle over the past ten years (stemming back to my days in Georgia prior to moving to SFL in late 05’).  At first the notion was flattering but not something that I truly took seriously.  For that reason I’ve never seriously addressed it on-air (or on the Cheat Sheet).  Part of that mindset stemmed from being a 20-something who was far more interested in my business ventures, investing and of course radio.  Part of it was not feeling the need to run as a candidate.  Clearly much has changed over the past ten years (and generally not for the better).  These days I’m very politically frustrated, a bit more mature and the idea isn’t as far fetched as it once seemed to me.  That being said I’m still not quite in that place.  I’ve always been candid with you, for better or for worse and I’ll walk you through all of my personal considerations. 

First and foremost I won’t accept being something I that loathe…  A career politician.  I’m still just 34 and while I’ve been working professionally in radio for nearly 17 years, I don’t feel as though it’s time to close the book on my radio career.  That segues into another important factor.  I can’t work on-air and run for political office.  Most people are somewhat confused with regard to “equal time” regulations under the FCC.  The current equal time requirements apply not to the amount of a political bias being expressed on the air by one side or the other but by who is on-air with the message.  Any candidate running for political office must have equal access to the airwaves as all of the other candidates.  So what would that mean if I were to run?  Every candidate in a primary and general election would have to have access to be on-air for four hours per day 5 days a week.  Clearly that’s a non-starter so I would have to resign and leave the airwaves to run for any elected political office.  Back to the first line of this paragraph.  So when would I consider running and for what office? 

I want to ensure that I don’t have to rely, or feel like I need to rely, on winning an election for financial security for my family.  Something about that seems very wrong to me and I suspect is part of why so many politicians are sell-outs.  Ashley and I work hard, invest well and are blessed to be doing quite well generally.  I want to ensure that we’re where we want to be financially before I consider that next step.  At our current pace that would be in approximately 7 seven years.  And as for the office…?

To date my only political experience was being voted class Secretary in grade school and Vice President of an HOA where I used to live.  I can’t say that I wouldn’t become open to running for local government offices somewhere down the line but my interest currently is where I see the biggest need and where I believe I could make the biggest impact (and I’m macro minded anyway).  That of course is at the Federal level.  So, if somewhere down the line, I were to run it would likely be seeking a Congressional office. 

Thanks for the interest, though the question has become more frequent in recent years it’s still very much a flattering one and who knows…  Maybe one day I will ask you for your vote!

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Have you purchased E-Books from  The check may be in the mail:

Bottom Line:  The time has finally come for you to receive a little compensation if you had been a victim of alleged E-Book price fixing that took place at in years previous.  Here’s what you need to know: 

  • If you purchased E-Books from between 4-4-10 & 5-21-12 you many be eligible for compensation as part of this settlement
  • You didn’t have to do anything to receive compensation
  • Some refunds were issued electronically if you have an active Amazon account
  • Many refunds are checks being sent in the mail

I’ll pick up on the physical mail based checks…  A couple of days ago a piece of mail about the size of a large index card arrived in the mail.  I very nearly threw it out.  I thought twice remembering the settlement story and opened it.  Indeed it was a check.  Only a few bucks for me.  Buy hey its money.  It’s seems as though the common range for the size of checks is $2-$20.  It won’t pay the bills for you but its money, that if you’re not careful, may be thrown away…  So keep your eyes on the mail this week as checks are in the mail. 

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4 states hit all time high property values & the overall state of the housing recovery:


Bottom Line:  Crazy right?  Four states (and the District of Columbia) are actually seeing their average properties values at the highest level on record.  What are those states?:


  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Texas


North Dakota and Texas are certainly being driven by the energy boom playing out in those states leading to huge job and income growth.  In Florida we continue to make progress but are nowhere near all-time highs.  Property values in Florida are still an average of 30%+ below their all-time highs set in mid-2006.  According to Core-Logic overall real-estate values improved by 12.2% year over year in February demonstrating that the real-estate recovery remains very much intact.


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75% of the people believe the stock market is rigged...  Now get over it:

Bottom Line:  Bashing the stock market and Wall Street is easy and it’s become a populist thing to do.  Its back in news in force this week as a new book is out depicting some of the computer automated tricks that some may be using to exact an advantage over the average investor in the stock market.  Look it’s likely that at least some of what’s in the book is true.  But the real truth is that it doesn’t matter to the average investor in the least. 

I do have concerns with the impact of computer automated and high frequency trading.  I do think that we may need to reign in some of the practices involved in computer automated high frequency trading.  My biggest concern would be a repeat of the flash crash that occurred a few years ago.  With regard to “the advantage” that is discussed in the book claiming that the market is rigged against you…  It really only matters if you’re day trading stocks, which by the way if you’re doing that the odds are already stacked against you (90% of day traders historically lose money).  Otherwise it’s a way to smear the greatest wealth creation machine in the history of the United States.  Simply put the market is far from perfect but its also far better than every other investment class we’ve ever seen. 

As I’ve pointed out many times previously, the stock market averages a 9% return per year historically.  That’s far and away the best of any investment class (real-estate is 2nd at 4.1%).  So don’t let the latest smear campaign or the political opportunist steer you away from what they are likely doing.  Investing in the best investment class available to us. 

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Florida ranks as the best state in the country for ROI on rental properties:

Bottom Line:  No wonder that big time investment firms are still snapping up Florida properties for the purpose of renting them out.  According to new data from Realty Trac, Florida property is generally the best overall state for rental ROI.  The best spots in the state are in the panhandle and north eastern portions of Florida but there still are terrific opportunities in South Florida:

  • Realty Trac ranked Fort Lauderdale as excellent for rental ROI
  • Palm BeachCounty ranked “good” for rental ROI
  • Martin county didn’t fair as well as it ranked average

Overall the range of rental ROI around the country is as low as 3% in New York to 30% in Detroit.  In Florida returns of 10-15% are very achievable right now.  

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