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Today’s topic:  Florida's primary season

Today’s entry:  Florida's primaries are only about a month away.  It seems that there should be many competitive races in the state this year but you aren't hearing them. 

Bottom Line:  I’d generally agree with you.  It has seemingly been a more quite primary season than we’ve been accustomed to.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t highly competitive races in Florida or locally.  There are many hotly contested seats.  The first place to start getting more information about what will be on you ballot and who’s running for what is:

You’ll see, for example, that there are 18 qualified candidates for Governor!  Additionally there are many races that have several primary challengers this year. 

With regard to races that are considered competitive…  I could share analysis from pundits that would talk about the competitive primaries & what races are expected to be competitive for the general – in fact I started aggregating pundit ratings on races…  But I stopped.  How many pundits considered Eric Cantor’s primary as competitive?  No one – except the voters.  More so today than at any point previous the pundit ratings and much of the polling data isn’t a clear indication of what the outcome will be.  Identify what’s on your ballot.  Inform yourself and vote for who you believe in.  Anything is possible. 

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What you need to know & do to ensure that you get your claim paid out properly if we do have a weather event:

Bottom Line:  Here’s a question for you…  How much of the average valid home insurance claim due to severe weather was paid out to the insured after Hurricane Sandy?  How about the average over the past decade worth of hurricane claims?  According to data from Consumer Reports:


·         The average after Sandy was only 71% of claims that were paid out

·         The average of payouts for all storms over since 2005 has been 80%

So why are sums that are well less than 100% being paid out?  Lack of documentation.  Perhaps you’ve heard that you should take pictures of your household items on a regular basis – you should. 

You also need to take pictures of damage as soon as possible after damage has occurred.  You should keep receipts for higher ticket items that may have subjective replacement value.  You need to file your claim as quickly as possible after damage. 

Few people are diligent with all of those steps before and immediately after claim events.  The result is that if there is a challenge of part of the claim by the insurer and you don’t have documentation – you’ll likely not receive full claim value.  Unfortunately many do try to game the systems and insurance companies are inclined to challenge certain claims and claim values if you haven’t been diligent in your documentation. 

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Slightly better news for the near future of Medicare - No change for Social Security & why everyone under 43 should be worried:

Bottom Line:  This is the week we’re set to receive the annual reports from the Social Security Administration and Office of Medicare on their current and long term health.  In advance of the official reports, the CBO released their estimates for the long term solvency of these programs.  Here are the results:


·         Medicare’s timeline for solvency slightly improved from last year’s trend by four years for estimated solvency through 2029

·         Social Security remained unchanged over last year with estimated solvency until 2033

So that’s still the story.  Simply put if you’re under the age of 43 neither Medicare or Social Security will be there for you as promised unless significant changes take place (and even then it’s likely that you’ll either have to wait longer to be able to collect or accept a smaller amount than you’d historically have been eligible for collecting.  The longer we wait to do anything to shore up these programs the more difficult the options will be and the options for a fix will continue to dwindle.  So at this point if you’re 42 or younger you need to plan on completely accounting for your retirement needs yourself and be pleasantly surprised if you get some of what you had once been promised. 

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You won't believe how many times you do something with your smart phone everyday & how much it costs employers:

Bottom Line:  So what do you think?  25 times?  50?  Try 150! 

According to the Kleiner Perkins Internet trends report the average smart phone user will check their device 150 times per day!  Pretty crazy.  In fact 57% of all workplace distractions are due to checking a smart phone.  A conservative estimate in lost productivity at work due to smart phones is $15 billion per year to employers (it’s likely much higher than that figure).  So if you want to increase your productivity, get your smart phone out of your sight line and perhaps put it out of reach without making an effort (like in a drawer at work). 

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Want to 3D print anything & buy it?  It's as easy as now:

Bottom Line:  Unless you’re engineeringly inclined (yes, I know that’s not a word), you likely hear about some of the neat stuff being 3D printed, think that’s interesting, and go back about you business.  Unless you are of an engineering background most don’t envision successfully creating 3D printed stuff.  What if it were about a simple as pointing, clicking and checking out in your cart?  Now it is… has created a one stop shopping page for 3D printing items.  They let you choose your items, customize them as you see fit & buy them through your Amazon account just like everything else.  Here’s the direct link:

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