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Today’s topic:  What are the most effective websites for job placement:

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Hi Brian, I have a son in college who will graduate later this year.  We want to get a head start on the job hunt and were wondering what the best websites are to use for finding job opportunities.  There are so many these days it's hard to know which ones to use.

Bottom Line:  I’ll share with you research from two different compressive reviews of the job related websites.  Information by Forbes & along with a little color from my perspective…

Starting with Forbes…  Their career expert first suggests that for someone who is seeking employment they should spend their time searching for work this way:

·         80% of the time spent job searching should be networking and reaching out to those of influence within your circle

·         10% of your time should be spent on job sites

·         10% of your time on all other methods (filling out applications, reaching out to recruiters, out in the field looking for postings, etc.)

PC Mag rates the job related sites for effectiveness accordingly:

1.  2.  3.  4. Craigslist  5. LinkendIn

Commenting first on the Forbes guidance…  It’s still true that most of the best opportunities, especially in white collar related fields, aren’t posted openly on many of the job sites online.  Tapping into a sphere of influence of business professions still is the best way to find good leads that turn into actual job offers.  Given that we’re talking about your son, this may mean working your professional network assuming that he hasn’t established a network himself.  With regard to the sites…

LinkendIn is the best website for recruiters to identify talent.  Given that your son doesn’t likely have an extensive resume this may not turn into success on the job hunt front right away but it does make sense to establish a profile and update it over time.  Craigslist tends to be a good website to find opportunities for local companies, often entry level or sales opportunities.  You do have as many scammers as legit opportunities though so be careful.  is meh in my view.  Yeah they have many job postings but they’re often redundant, heavy in MLM related situations and often will have dated postings that stay active.  Moving on to the top two. 

CareerBuilder does multiple things well.  It’s a good job posting aggregator from various resources online and an excellent resource site.  It has excellent tools for resume building, experts with advice on interviewing and standing out in the job hunt – etc. is the single best job aggregator online.  It pulls job postings from virtually all credible websites and organizes them to easily understanding by category and geography what’s available. 

It sounds like with your diligence at this stage of the job hunt (prior to your son’s graduation) that he’ll be ahead of the curve come graduation time. 

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Clearing up the confusion over the expansion of Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket:

Bottom Line:  DirectTV has been the exclusive home of the NFL Sunday Ticket for several years.  That has meant that if you have wanted access to out of market games you’ve had to have a DirectTV satellite system to be able to purchase the package of football games.  Recently it was announced that DirectTV was expanding the Sunday Ticket via streaming to those who don’t have a DirectTV system.  That created a great deal of confusion because it’s true but with a huge asterisk. 

DirectTV has offered streaming services to existing DirectTV customers for a few years now.  Recently DirectTV announced an expansion of the streaming services to those who don’t have a satellite.  This lead to a great deal of misinformation.  Here’s the key…  You can only stream the NFL Sunday ticket without the DirectTV TV service if you live in a complex that doesn’t allow satellite dishes.  So if you have a different TV service provider by choice…  No streaming for you.  Now if you do live in a complex that bans dishes here’s what you can do:

·         Purchase a streaming package for $199.99 that will allow you to view any game on your mobile devices or computer

·         Purchase a streaming package for your TV via Xbox oor PS3 or 4 (you must have one of those consoles) for $239.99

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An easy & free way to see if your car (or one you’re considering buying) has been recalled:

Bottom Line:  We are in the age of auto recalls.  From significant safety issues to cya measures it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the volume of recalls that seem to hit everyday.  Here is a free easy way to see if your car has outstanding recalls and/or to check a used vehicle you’re considering buying:

It’ll take you longer to jot down your vin number than it will to input it into the Carfax service. 

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How much of our brain do we actually use?:

Bottom Line:  If you’re like most people you’ll like say 10% or less.  Right?  Well Researchers from Princeton & NYU have actually taken on these notions.  What they’ve outlined is compelling. 

It may be true that we only use 10% or less of our brain at any given time but the key is at any given time.  Our brain is effectively 100% active all of the time (else a section of our brain would be dead).  The key is that our brain has different regions and cells that are designed to take on certain tasks and activities.  For that reason we don’t generally if ever use more than 10% of our brain at any given time (hence the misconception) but we do use almost all of our brain at least some of the time depending on what we’re doing. 

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New foreclosure filings continue to improve - where Florida and specifically SFL stand:

Bottom Line:  Good news, bad news, good news.  I’ll explain. 

According to the most recent Realty Trac Data: 

·         Nationally new foreclosure activity is at its lowest level since the summer of 2006 (prior to the housing crisis) – good news

·         Florida still has the highest overall rate of foreclosure activity nationally and South Florida highest in the country – bad news

·         Year over year new Florida new foreclosure activity is down about 30% & in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm BeachCounties) foreclosure activity is down 24% - good news

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