Barbara Norcross

What do Catherine the Great, Henry VIII, Jackie Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan all have in common? They frequently consulted with spiritual or psychic advisors, and being who they were, had access to the most gifted and trusted consultants available. Unfortunately, average consumers seeking such professional advisors are at the mercy of a proliferation of false practitioners who would confuse rather than confirm, mislead instead of advising, motivated by gain and recognition rather than personal satisfaction or spiritual calling. Which is why Barbara Norcross is so special and her show is so welcome back on the air!

For over 40 years Barbara Norcross has been practicing her gift and is included in the publication, “100 Top Psychics.” She’s conducted countless lectures and select readings for the rich and famous and as well for folks who are neither. She was based in Palm Beach and the Florida Keys for many years and was known as “The Palm Beach Celebrity Psychic,” for the many celebrities who sought her out.

Barbara has returned to Palm Beach and to her popular radio home on 1230 WBZT, with an hour of fascinating conversation and insights, all designed to empower her clients and listeners with their own strengths and innate abilities. Barbara Norcross is proud of her reputation as a psychic coach and not just a reader.

Be listening Saturdays at Noon for this truly unique psychic experience: Barbara Norcross – the Palm Beach Celebrity Psychic – is back on the air – and online at 1230 WBZT Radio and!