!Christina! Palomec earned the exclamation marks before and after her name from friends, who claim she is the most amusing and “excited about life” person they had ever met.

As a child growing up in New Jersey in the 70’s, she was fascinated by the sight of a shiny Peterbilt semi, and vowed to her mother that one day she’d love to drive a truck like that. And sure enough, without ever attending a truck driving school, !Christina! is proud  to have enjoyed 35 years of “over the road” truck driving.

By 2006, taking a summer off, she met up with one of the “Delfonics,” pop singing group, who took a liking to her and introduced her to a host of popular musicians and groups, and before long she was asked to take on the role of manager – so, again, without any formal training or experience, she was introducing their music to radio stations and clubs along the east coast – in between hauling freight!

All of which led to her first radio break in New Jersey, and then in Las Vegas. Now, !Christina! brings her enthusiasm for life and new ideas to her weekly show on WBZT – bringing people together and enlightening each journey – helping us– in her words –“to learn to play well together.” Tune in and catch !Christina! fever for yourself.